• Professional Bilingual English - Polish Business, Artistic and Commercial Creator, Copywriter, Content Writer, Writer, Transcreator, Translator and Localization Specialist.

    B2b, b2c, and a2c professional services: creative direction, adaptation, content marketing, copywriting, content writing. Technical,  and business writing. PR. Brand Journalism, Cross-cultural communication. 

    Big Idea? Brief? Brand Name? Tagline? Slogan? Campaign? Online? Offline? Copy? Content?  Ad Concept? Television, press advert? Radio commercial? Whitepaper? Article?  Organic SEO & SEM.?


  • Multilingual & Multicultural Marketing Freelancer, who learned a few languages and knows many  cultures. Offer: transcreation, localization, translation, editing, linguistic evaluation. 

    Your language? Welcome to the Polish Speaking World at polishcopywriter.com

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Polish Speaking World

What is your message to the Polish Speaking World

Welcome to this section, where will find interesting information about Poland, Poles – their language and culture. And also about Polish communities around the world:

/ Poland / Poles / Polish communities around the world / Polish culture / Polish language

Communicating with the Polish-speaking World

Thinking about communicating with Polish-speaking World?

Trying or still trying to connect with Polish Internauts, readers, listeners or viewers (b2b, a2c, b2c)? Well… The world is full of average people, who are called by recruiters or by agencies  “human resources”. Will they really help you with these demanding tasks? I and other people from our industry really doubt it.

Are you looking for Talent?

It means you know this inalienable truth: only talent wins games.

You found me: THE Creative Talent at polishcopywriter.com

Effective communication with Poles and Polish communities around the World.

Polish is the sixth language biggest language in Europe and the second most spoken language in England.

Do you need to connect with Poles in Poland or with Polish communities around the world  – UK, USA, Australia or anywhere?

I can work with you to ensure your message can reach beyond words, into the heart of this culture.

In this context, investing in my first-class professional service will enable you to connect clearly and accurately with Poles.

Targeting the Polish Market with PolishCopywriter.com

If you are interested in targeting the Polish market, you can do it with PolishCopywriter.com. You can make money with my know-how, my words that persuade and creative ideas that sell: How to be successful on the Polish market.

Targeting Polish consumers and Polish businesses in Poland and outside Poland

If your need is to target Polish consumers or Polish businesses ( in Poland or outside Poland ), I can help you to reach your goals. What are your expectations?

Being Polish communications and marketing professional, I learned ( checked and practiced ) a lot about the Polish target audience. That’s why I know how to reach different business communities or groups.

No task too big, no work too small, I am very pleased to offer my service – to facilitate the winning of this profitable client base for your business.

Want to get results you want? Use my services or hire me.

If you are ready to implement your message and inform, promote or sell in the Polish-speaking world, contact Polish Copywriter at polishcopywriter.com 

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