• Professional Bilingual English - Polish Business, Artistic and Commercial Creator, Copywriter, Content Writer, Writer, Transcreator, Translator and Localization Specialist.

    B2b, b2c, and a2c professional services: creative direction, adaptation, content marketing, copywriting, content writing. Technical,  and business writing. PR. Brand Journalism, Cross-cultural communication. 

    Big Idea? Brief? Brand Name? Tagline? Slogan? Campaign? Online? Offline? Copy? Content?  Ad Concept? Television, press advert? Radio commercial? Whitepaper? Article?  Organic SEO & SEM.?


  • Multilingual & Multicultural Marketing Freelancer, who learned a few languages and knows many  cultures. Offer: transcreation, localization, translation, editing, linguistic evaluation. 

    Your language? Welcome to the Polish Speaking World at polishcopywriter.com

    If you want to win clients or customers or both, contact me now.

33 scenes from Creative Life

Wally and Me

The Business of Being an “Artist”. The Art of Being a Businessman.

I am a member of a new creative class. I am an Artistic & Commercial Creator. Business Artist and Artistic Businessman.

Freelance PRO.

What did I learn from the Greatest Writers? Here’s the answer ( 1 of many ):

Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind

( Rudyard Kipling, Nobel Prize winner )

I am in the business of creating and selling creative work for commercial benefit. I help business people to get results and grow their companies.

How you will benefit from my education, experience, and talents

Why I am sure you will remember me? Because I stand out positively from the crowd.

I am a “commercial artist” ( ideas, concepts & words for business use ) – creative and at the same time down to earth ( big picture and details ). An intellectual individual with high mental power. Hardworking Specialist, who works in a smart way.

Someone with various experiences and new discovered multiple talents, who really enjoys demanding creative challenges. And at the same time someone, who strives to attain spiritual and material greatness. 

Excellent European Experience

Pawel – ( PAWELL, Pavel, or call me simply Paul).  

Born and bred in Central Europe, between West and East.

In Poland  to be exact ( visit link: Poland is becoming Grand Brand )

 Polish Bilingual Copywriter, Transcreator, Localization Specialist.

. I’m an experienced Professional Copywriter.

Thanks to my travels and working in Europe I broaden up my horizons by meeting people from around the world.

I have a full understanding of English, of translation, TRANSCREATION and of creative flair in Polish – my mother tongue.

Linguistics, Cultural Studies, Literature, Media

I graduated from one of the most prestigious universities in Poland ( Linguistics / Cultural studies / Literature / Media ).

Valuable Experience, which pays off and can be monetized

I’ve been in media and advertising for many years. My experience includes working as a Journalist (Polska Press, WFP), a Reporter (Polsat, TV4), a Production Associate (ARTE France), a Sales & Marketing Executive (Ans, Zetha Media), a COPYWRITER (Genet, Omnicom’s & Publicis’ agencies and for direct clients).

Why I – professional Creative Freelancer – am so different from my competitors?

I am Creative Talent and have the whole package.

I am also a Creative Director. Strategist. Creative Writer and Filmmaker.

Want to know more? Check how I am perceived by “head hunters”:

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