• Professional Bilingual English - Polish Business, Artistic and Commercial Creator, Copywriter, Content Writer, Writer, Transcreator, Translator and Localization Specialist.

    B2b, b2c, and a2c professional services: creative direction, adaptation, content marketing, copywriting, content writing. Technical,  and business writing. PR. Brand Journalism, Cross-cultural communication. 

    Big Idea? Brief? Brand Name? Tagline? Slogan? Campaign? Online? Offline? Copy? Content?  Ad Concept? Television, press advert? Radio commercial? Whitepaper? Article?  Organic SEO & SEM.?


  • Multilingual & Multicultural Marketing Freelancer, who learned a few languages and knows many  cultures. Offer: transcreation, localization, translation, editing, linguistic evaluation. 

    Your language? Welcome to the Polish Speaking World at polishcopywriter.com

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Multilingual Freelancer. Professional Bilingual Native Polish Copywriter. Transcreator. Marketing Translator.

On Multiculturalism and Multilingualism:  During my life, I learned about and experienced many foreign languages and cultures. These opportunities really helped me in comprehending fully my own mother tongue ( one of the most difficult languages in the world ) and my own culture. It used to be very obvious to me, but when I started looking at it from different perspectives – I made many new discoveries. I found so much light in the darkness. This knowledge is very useful and worth a lot of money. I could write a book on this subject.Who knows… maybe one day I will?  ( Pawel, multilingual freelancer at polishcopywriter.com )

Copywriter, Transcreator, Editor and Localization Specialist

Looking for a professional bilingual writer, copywriter ( Polish / English )?

Want to reach your target Polish customers? Want to get more valuable Polish clients? 

There is only 1 copywriter, who can help you. Bilingual Copywriter (PRO):

There is only 1 copywriter, who can help you effectively in targeting the Polish market and Polish communities around the world.

There is only 1 copywriter  – who is multilingual ( knows few languages ), bilingual ( can speak, read and write in Polish and English ).  Born and raised in Poland, highly educated native Polish speaker. The international individual with rich European experience, who lived abroad, lives in Poland and also resides in London. Polish Copywriter, who travels between cities in Poland and between countries – who can work remotely or can work on-site from client’s office anywhere in the world =

London, Dublin, Brussels, Amsterdam, Copenhagen,  Paris, Berlin, Frankfurt, Stockholm, Vienna, Rome, Madrid, Praga, Moscow

 New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles, Toronto, Montreal, Melbourne, Sydney

Beijing,  Singapore, Hong Kong, Shanghai, Tokyo, Istanbul, Dubai, Mexico City, Sao Paulo ETC.

 Copywriter  at  polishcopywriter.com

The Copy-writer: bilingual creative copywriter, bilingual technical and corporate copywriter and also a creative writer: ATL, BTL, 360o, b2c, b2b, a2c

What really helps me in any freelance job? 

 Valuable experience, which I gained in publishing and advertising sector in my own country. 

And also in the international marketing industry. 

Copywriter – THE one and only

99.88 % of Poles don’t know me personally, but 82-93% of them can recall my slogans, headlines or creative concepts.
All sorts of people. Businessman, housewives, shoppers, students, teenagers, etc.

What kind of Bilingual Copy-Writer are you looking for?

I have over 10+ years of experience in media, marketing, sales, branding & advertising. I worked as a:

Marketing Copywriter / Creative Copywriter / Digital Copywriter / Corporate Copywriter
/ Content Writer / New Seo Copywriter / Web Copywriter / Technical Copywriter

Brand Journalist / Sales Copywriter / Content Writer / Transcreator /Bilingual Copywriter/ Bilingual Writer/  Writer / Journalist / Film Writer – Critic

For more information about my education & experience click here

Please read below.

In a nutshell: I write to sell

Who am I? A salesperson behind a computer.“Wordseller”, a Polish linguistic perfectionist.

Have you ever heard about someone who reads encyclopedias, dictionaries, magazines, newspapers in different languages or “learn” slang in his free time ( in 2 languages )?

Yes, that’s me.

I read many books, magazines, newspapers in my life and watched many movies.

Why I gather a lot of different information? 

Why I am so interested in almost everything: life, people, business, finances, psychology, sociology, marketing, advertising, media, languages… films, gadgets, fashion, even beauty products, farming, and nanotechnology…? ( BTW this list could go on forever…). Because every bit of information can be useful one day. Every client is different and targets different “territories”.

What do you want to sell?

I am paid for producing ideas & words, which seduce people and help your business grow

Every day I consume many thousands of words. Every day I write.

 Every day I read and learn something new.
Every week I write to persuade people and help my clients’ businesses grow.

I have a ridiculously large library of books. I collect antique typewriters. This is the only romantic thing about me.

Everything else is just Business.
Let’s talk about business. Contact me today

Bilingual Polish Copywriter, Transcreator, Editor, Localization Specialist, Consultant at PolishCopywriter.com offers: Brand Names, Brand name screening, Corporate identity, Slogans, Web PagesArticles, Newsletters, Direct mail,Manuals, Editorials, Brochures, Magazines,  B2B communications, Corporate Brochures, Sales Brochures, Internal Communications,  Speeches, TV Scripts, Video Scripts, Radio Scripts, Ambient Outdoor, Digital Media, Point of sale, Websites, Presentations, TV/Video, Print/Post Ads

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100% TOP QUALITY COPY.  Results and guarantee.


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