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Commercial Typing Writer?

Commercial Typing Writer? Tom Hanks, me and my electr(on)ic-mechanical typewriter.

Polish Copywriter typewriter

You were on my mind when I was sitting in a very comfortable armchair. Listening to classical music while typing on my electric/electronic & mechanical typewriter.

Was it one of these postmodern, autotelic “boring” stories about a writer, who was typing his story on a typewriter… “The story was written by a writer”, who wrote about a writer. Himself. And about his life. Only to his own amusement? And what about the public? Readers? It would. be very selfish, don’t you think?


Quite close, but… It was a story about typewriters, which some people “sentenced to death”. Did you know that they make typewriter jewelry? They dismantle the whole body of the antique machine only to use porcelain keys as earrings or necklace.

Why great copywriters make great novelists?

They say that good or great copywriters make good or great novelists. Business acumen help in becoming a successful artist ( let’s leave this myth of suffering for millions, starving artist in the past, shall we? ). These days artists with amazing talent ( if they are right in the head ) can influence positively other people, uplift their spirit, enrich their souls and at the same time… make money, so they can sustain their life and also invest this money in new artistic projects.

I publish under pseudonyms. Well, I think that one shouldn’t mix his/her commercial carrier with his/her artistic life.

There were many before me. To name a few: F. Scott Fitzgerald, Joseph Heller, Salman Rushdie.

Can a good writer become good advertising man?

The truth is… Artistic traits can help in doing business in a creative way or becoming an entrepreneur.

If you can and know exactly how to combine both you can become a very influential and powerful man in the world.

For example, someone, who spend time in his quiet private library or cabinet and can influence many people in his own country and sometimes even many people around the world. Words are very powerful.

Email from Client: “TRANSCREATION. Rush Job. 48h deadline. PLS. It’s urgent”. Good! This means almost double money.

In the meantime, I received an urgent email from an agency asking me to do the transcreation gig. Probably some average translator ( cheaper freelancer ) or average copywriter didn’t deliver the quality they expected. Why would he? Only professional bilingual copywriters, who are also trans creators can really do it.

And now I need to “save the day”… Although I was in a mood for creative writing I accepted it. Only because they follow standards in the industry on this kind of occasion: this agency always stick to the rules in our industry: always pays almost double money for rush jobs. In a way, they respect me and my valuable time. So I decided to help them.

“Hanks’ hands” Story? Would you like to know why Tom collects typewriters? How to hide a technical treasure?

Before I received that email, at the same time ( call it being effective, productive juggler ) I was shopping online for a unique typewriter – competing with Tom Hanks actually. I know almost all his nicknames already! ( yes, he uses few ). He – just like me – collects antique typewriters. And we both are probably the most active shoppers in this department online.

Although he has many millions and a bigger budget for this than me, he gets them much cheaper. I tend to pay more. It’s a pardox. Lucky Guy.

Tom, could you tell me about this excitement of landing a bargain while you are hunting for technical treasure?

Thanks Hanks for doing this!

One of my rooms in the house is full of typewriters. Well, I need to stop now. Although I have a big house I don’t own a mansion. If I did I would probably keep going.

Do you know why Tom and I buy them? We save them. For future generations.

Where do you keep yours Tom?

Writing table: Pen, Pencil, Cool typewriter, PC desktop computer. Portable MAC ( which I use in the garden ).

So, at one point I had to put away my cool typewriter and sit by the writing-table…

PC desktop. Keyboard. START.

??? Maybe a refreshing break in the garden with green grass and blue sky ( research done on portable mac ).

Work is work. Until it’s done.

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