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COPYWRITERS’ Hidden Secrets:

It’s your mother, who we magically made to buy certain products or become loyal friend of “chosen” brands.  Can you see us when you watch TV? No.  Only commercials, which we created.

It is also your father, who usually order services from his “favourite company”.

We are responsible for that as well. Copywriters.

“Disease” called Compulsive Copywriting can spread everywhere

Look. It is also your sibling, aunt or cousin, who bought that new couch on “sale” although… that “old one” was more comfy. It will end up on a dump anyway. “Who is to blame?!” Oh, never mind… let’s move on.

“Live fast and die young”… right?

Are consumers tired of our white lies and complements and all our magic tricks?

Probably not.

There’s something strange about your boyfriend, who lately more often shops online.

We got him by the… (foot) ball/s. Well written short sport content for “REAL MEN” can do the trick!

And what about your girlfriend who compulsively buys another dress although she has already… 66 of them. Long, emotional copy made her feel like a Princess. She thinks that she deserves to have these “pretty clothes” and that make-up set.  To be honest: this makes her old and less atractive.  In fact, she is more pretty when she is natural. We won’t tell her that. We aren’t paid for this. We will tell her that she looks A-M-A-Z-I-N-G.

Some call us Advertising ARSons or Advertising A-holes. 

What else? It is also movie, which you watched yesterday. We might planted some few funky or crazy ideas in your mind… You would be surprised.  We have many talents and we also co-operate with screenwriters. Some of us even write books or screenplays with hidden agenda. Some news, which you read are made (up) by us. We call it: brand journalism.

Have you heard this joke: What is the difference between  Liar and Laywer? Sounds similar, doesn’t it?

In our case there isn’t any – liar is a lawyer and lawyer is a liar. We are lawyers and liars.

We, copywriters,  indirectly represent our Client’s interests. Are we to blame? They hired us to advocate their cause.  It’s nothing personal. It’s just business, isn’t?

Are we copywriting criminals then?

Sorry I haven’t heard this question.

Is there a justice? Yes, SPECIAL PROMOTION for fools and horses. 

There is a justice. Just us. And ice. Cold, cold ice… cream.

Have you heard about that new “cool summer breeze” promotion???

Common… WE ARE LEGALIZED LIARS. We are clean even if we play dirty.

Here: we have certificate from goverment ( Departement for Business ). License to lie.

Who would like to beat up branding bullies?

 On  everyday basis we turn the most irresistible people into complying consumers or clients. And we are invisible. You cannot punch us in the face, because only our work is visible.

 Do we have something to hide? Open Curtains.

 You can think about revenge or forgive us.

 I opened the curtains so you could have a quick peek.

You can see one of us. You can see me.

It’s your move now. 


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