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Bilingual Copywriters, Transcreators, Translators – rates, fees, prices, salary

Bilingual Copywriters, Transcreators and Translators, Linguistic / Language Consultants, Localization Specialists – Polish Language. Other Languages. Rates, fees, prices, salaries.

Google Update:  version 2021 (about Intellectual Property Rights Infringement  – how Agencies and even Big Clients loose money (see lawsuits) – by hiring amateurs or cheap freelancers: copycat copywriters, copycat trans-creators, copycat translators – is it possible to be even sued for Computer-aided translation or for “good” or “poor” imitation”? Yes, all of this is possible when it comes to IP. That’s why freelancers should respect themselves and accept only honest payment for their services (this enables people to invest time and money in their development, which allows them to progress and have enough time to do their job properly). 

As a warning for everybody: TRUE STORY below – story, which may inspire you to improve or change your professional life (avoiding troubles) or change your company’s business model (avoiding punishment, penalties ). 

More NEW interesting information is on its way:

Here you will find very useful information about bilingual copywriters‘ rates, fees, prices, and salaries. Trans-creators’, Transcreators‘ and Translators’, Linguistic / Language Consultants’ and Localization Specialists’ rates, and prices (freelance). This article is based on insider information, rates paid by clients, and salaries received from employers and also… on information available to the public from the most reliable and credible sources  (online and offline).

Eye-opening TRUE STORY below (very useful information for Agencies, Clients and Freelancers)

When freelancers have talent, skills and have enough time they will almost always deliver what is expected from them. What happens when agencies or even some clients are obssesed with cutting costs???… or when they aren’t willing to invest enough funds in project (even if they have them and can reward freelancers financally so they can unlock their potential and spend more time on Client’s project)? Have you ever seen starving freelancers? I did. In so called third world countries and even in America or Britain. And it isn’t nice view, I’m telling you! The question is: surviving or striving??? Thriving or starving? Artist  It’s XXI century for God’s sake and if all people were benevolent, genuine, fair and realy cared we all would be living in a suistainable world full of prosperity and abundance, without any poverty or misery. Without arrogance or ignorance, which is one of the sources of evil.

NEW! TRUE STORY: 2016 – 2021 – useful and informative. This example will warn Clients (Agencies or Direct Clients), who use services delivered by copycats and/or freelancers, who are copycats (in order to avoid law suits in the future). It will help them to realize and understand how valuble for business is creative work (copywriting, trans-creation or translation). Due to potential lawful and legal implications I cannot name both parties, which are involved and cannot show you that famous slogan, which was used in all media. In a short cut:

Part 1. How I created powerful, strong and persuasive slogan in Polish potentialy worth milions for medium sized company. And how this slogan directly increased brand awarness and indirectly sales. Part 2. How large, well known, international corporation “borrowed” this slogan  created by me (plagiarism) – from my Client (business owner), without his consent. And how their department started using it in their marketing materials. Part 3. How My Client, who was and still is very happy with my services, hired Intelectual Property Lawyer and is suing them = mentioned above large corporation for breach of intellectual property rights and unfair competition (from what I heard it will end up either in huge compensation or very well-paid settlement).  

SUMMARY: I suspect what could happen (Too many middle men… Probably someone wanted to save money and in the same time make much more profit for themselves. And now it will cost them plenty):

1. Large international corporation, who has big advertising budget contacted large international marketing company, which has won their account (they needed slogan for their advertising campaign).

2. Then large international marketing company probably hired creative agency or branding / naming company for this project or did it by themselves (their creative team)

3. Once they came up with English slogan for global market, instead of hiring directly freelance bilingual copywriters for this project (different language versions of English slogan) they hired Transcreation company or Translation company (which offred them “all in one” – all language versions).

4. These language service providers probably wanted to save money and instead of hiring professional and experienced bilingual copywriters… they hired trans-creators, who arent professional bilingual copywriters or maybe they even hired translators. Was it really worth it??? Probably freelancers weren’t paid honest price for their services as agencies wanted to make more profit for themselves. Were these freelancers paid honest price, which is paid in advertising industry for transcreation? = professional freelancer (bilingual copywriter & transcreator) is paid for this sophisticated service few thousand euros (transcreation of slogan = professional language version of English slogan, including Intelectual Property so called “healthy check” while creating Polish version etc.). I doubt it in this case.

5. Marketing departement of this large corporation could also make mistake (same as their legal department). Is it possible to check everything when there is so much work to do.

They probably hired translators or poorly paid “trans-creators”, who work very fast or fast in order to make a living (see quantity versus quality). And that’s why they got themselves in trouble. They probably saved themselves thousands of euros and made much more profit than they should at freelancers’ cost  (lack of ethic and/or morality), but… their Client (large corporation)  may now pay even millions of compensation to my Client (for Polish version of their English slogan, which has been used in their advertising campaign for Polish Market and… which sounds exactly the same as slogan created by me in Polish language few years earlier – for my Client = middle-sized company) .

If marketing departement or agency hired professional BILINGUAL Polish copywriter instead of poorly paid “trans-creators” or translators, they would avoid all this trouble and save company’s time (time consuming court case arising from intelectual property law) and more importantly… they wouldn’t be forced to pay huge compensation or very well-paid settlement.

That’s why Agencies or Clients should pay honest price for services when they hire freelancers as they aren’t employees (they don’t have stable, predictible job, they don’t have salaries and perks, yet they run business, they do have costs and need to make a living – see normal, decent living standards). If they don’t (Agencies or Clients), all of this, which has been mentioned above… always backfires at one point. There’s always price to pay. for See below:

At the begining of my career as a trans-creator and translator I met some people from some New York and London based translation (and even transcreation!) agencies, which were offering very low payment (while having big budgets!) and were exploiting their freelancers (I wasn’t naive and didn’t decide to co-operate with them anyway).

Pricing by the job and pricing by the day = rates and fees (freelance work)

If you are a client, who would like to know how much freelance professional bilingual copywriters or transcreators charge for their work, you should read it.

Salaries (permanent jobs)

If you are a bilingual copywriter or transcreator, who would like to know how much these professionals are paid when they work on a permanent basis ( salary ), you should definitely read it.

REAL STORY (Useful and informative, which will help Clients and other freelancers to avoid law suit in the future): Although I worked for agencies and had clients from all industrie, all kinds of companies (large corporations, medium sized and small companies), I never experienced anything like that. In 2016 I created slogan for medium sized company. In 2020 large corporation started using this slogan. |My Client 

Why hiring amateurs, who sell cheap is a Big, Costly Mistake?

Why Poles are leaving your website without buying? Why your new slogan doesn’t “sell”? Why you lose business to the competition?

 It is very easy to understand why hiring amateurs, who sell cheap is a Big, Costly Mistake = you lose money, time, and get zero results. Unskilled wanna-be “writers”, “translators” always offer very low budget rates.

Now you should know: why professional copywriting, localization, transcreation, or naming is an investment, not an expense?

It is an investment which will bring you clients and money.  PolishCopywriter.com is a source of useful answers to many important questions:

How to reach your audience? How to persuade Poles?  How to win clients or customers? etc.

! WARNING! How to AVOID very LOW-QUALITY services?

On freelancing job websites you will find only AMATEURS because bilingual linguists and professional copywriters avoid these websites.

Do you know why you will lose time and money if you hire people from these websites?

Amateurs are very cheap and usually fast because they haven’t got skills and enough time to work on projects (they are not full-time freelancers). They use the Google Translate tool. Have you ever seen a badly written or badly translated copy? This is what they offer. If you want to find a professional and experienced writer or bilingual writer then you should forget about these freelance websites.

REMEMBER: You get what you pay for. As they say: If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys. If you pay an honest price you get a professional and experienced writer, copywriter, or transcreator.

WARNING: When “expensive” becomes cheap and when “cheap” becomes very expensive?

Time, effort, and money can be badly wasted if you don’t have a full understanding of your clients’ wants and real needs. Especially when you use services offered by translators or average copywriters  for b2c, a2c, or b2b communication (art, entertainment,  branding, advertising, PR, direct marketing, interactive marketing, etc. )

How much worth is an investment in quality services?

BILINGUALcopywriters, Trans-creators, or Localization Specialists (bilingual copywriters are also trans-creators and localization specialists) are fluent in mother tongue and know one foreign language (usually English, German, French or Russian). They offer highly specialized professional services. Professional bilingual copywriters charge for TOP QUALITY, not quantity, and for working in a very demanding environment (two languages, two cultures = unavoidable double work).

Copywriters are professionals who have spent considerable time and money developing their skills. This also must be taken into account when paying for copywriting services. Quantity is an inadequate measure of a copywriter’s value because copywriters offer their clients much more than just words on a page. Copywriters are paid well because a well-written copy can make a huge difference to the marketing effectiveness and a business’s sales. For this reason, copywriting and transcreation/trans-creation is the highest paid profession in all of the writing.

 Good copywriters, good bilingual copywriters, good bilingual content writers, or good transcreators are a rare breed

Now ask yourself:

Do you want to waste your money, gamble with your money, or make money?

Do you want to lose clients or keep them and attract new clients?

   How to spot amateurs or people who don’t care about your project, your business?

    It is very easy: They charge per word.

They don’t really care about their clients. They don’t think at all about their projects.

They work too quickly, therefore their copy is inaccurate, badly written, and poorly edited =  they don’t deliver results.

Pricing by the word and paying by the word doesn’t work. Some words are worth more than others.

Besides… as someone once said: if you employed a builder to build a house, would you ask him if he charges per brick?

Here’s why you should hire or book a good copywriter, transcreator = talented and experienced Professional.

It takes a lot of time to write or transcreate TOP QUALITY copy. When you pay a professional copywriter for his services you paying him for more than “just” writing. A professional copywriter is a writer, psychologist, researcher, and business consultant.  The bilingual copywriter is also a linguist and cross-cultural communication consultant. Trans-creator and localization Specialist.

Transcreators, Copywriters, Translators, Linguistic / Localization and Language Consultants– salaries

Professional Copywriters in the USA or in Europe can earn a six-figure salary. Professional, experienced, and talented freelance Copywriters can earn much more than fully employed (agency employed or in the house) copywriters. The average base salary for Translators in the USA: 48 000 DOLLARS per year. Senior Translator in the United Kingdom can earn 54 000 GBP yearly. Language Consultants earn on average 57 000 DOLLARS per year. Localization Specialists and Transcreators earn more than Language Consultants. Linguistic Consultants earn on average 125 000 DOLLARS per year.

What is the difference between a Copywriter and a Bilingual Copywriter or a Multilingual Copywriter?

Professional, talented, and experienced copywriter is a “rare bread” (!).

A typical copywriter knows only one language. Just to compare: Bilingual Copywriter knows two languages (his or her mother tongue and second language) and a multilingual Copywriter knows more languages than two. These copywriters, who know languages (professional working proficiency or full professional proficiency) can work on copywriting localization, marketing translation, or transcreation projects (copy, content, brand name, tagline, slogan, non-textual elements of information, or message, etc.).

They communicate with clients (agencies’ or companies’ representatives) in their second or third etc. language and create a language version of the sourced text or they write copy or content from the scratch in their mother tongue.

These copywriters are quite rare (!!).

What is the difference between a Multicultural & Multilingual Copywriter and a Bicultural & Bilingual Copywriter?

Bicultural & Bilingual Copywriter understands two cultures and knows two languages (mother tongue and second language – Native / Bilingual Proficiency!). Multicultural & Multilingual Copywriter understands more cultures and knows more languages. They lived, worked, or went trough schooling in more than one country (!).

The bottom line is: they have equal proficiency in more than one language and can provide an amazing copy in both or a few languages.

How do they use their bilingual or multilingual (trilingual or more) skills?  They offer multilingual copywriting or bilingual copywriting – they create or write copy in 2 or more languages. Their job is to think in two or a few cultures and languages at the same time. They also work on transcreation, localization, or marketing translation projects.

Only multicultural & multilingual copywriters or bicultural  & bilingual copywriters (and this is very rare) can write copy or content in two languages or even a few languages. And they are paid additionally for this kind of very sophisticated service (double bilingual copywriter’s rate or fee).

These copywriters are very rare (!!!).

Polish Copywriters – salary in Poland, Bilingual Polish Copywriters – salary

A short extract from the history of copywriting profession in Poland: at the end of the XX century ( in the ’90s ) Polish-speaking copywriter hired by an advertising agency in Poland ( full employment ) earned around 12 000 EUROS per year + BONUS for creating a tagline which hugely enhanced brand awareness or for successful/memorable campaign slogan ( over 10 000 EUROS ).

These days PROFESSIONAL Polish-speaking copywriters earn much more and get bigger bonuses. 

PROFESSIONAL and EXPERIENCED copywrites in Poland earn on average 33 315 EUROS per year (Base salary + taxable and/or non-taxable payments. Depending on the company or agency employer-provided benefits and perks are included or excluded from salary) + occasional, additional BONUS for contributing to a successful campaign. The highest-paid in-house copywriters in the Polish marketing industry usually get home  52 947 EUROS per year + occasional, additional BONUS for creating a successful campaign, effective promotion, and increased sale of Clients products or services). 

Senior Copywriter in Poland, who works for one of the biggest private banks in Poland earns over 100 000 euros per year.

Copywriters earn less when they are employed by agencies and they earn more when they are employed by direct Clients (in-house).

Beginning Polish copywriters earn less and sometimes even much less.

On the other hand, BILINGUAL Polish copywriters are rare and that’s why they can earn more – they have a bigger salary than PROFESSIONAL Polish Copywriters. There is a difference between PROFESSIONAL Polish Copywriter and PROFESSIONAL Polish BILINGUAL Copywriter. Those copywriters who are bilingual mastered their native language better as bilingualism enables them to look at their own native language from a different perspective. It enables them to be more efficient. Bilingualism in general improves brain functioning.

Multicultural Creative & Multilingual Copywriters and a Bicultural Creative & Bilingual Copywriters are very rare. They can easily earn a six-figure salary.

Polish Copywriter  – salary  (job) PERMANENT JOBS – employment  

From time to time international or national companies need to hire BILINGUAL Polish copywriters. They usually offer salaries between 42 000 euros per year and 120 000 euros per year ( for junior bilingual copywriters, middleweight bilingual copywriters, and senior bilingual copywriters ).

Polish copywriter jobs

Example from the Internet ( source: jobandtalent.com, 2013 ):

 Polish Copywriter, Job location: London – Warsaw, Salary range: £81.000 – £90.000

Urgently seeking Copywriters with fluent language skills in Polish. Two fantastic positions have arisen by a major Financial company in London. These roles will involve creating accurate, accessible, concise copy for consumer journey screens, with a focus on local language requirements and customs in the local online payments market. The roles will require travel to international offices in London and Warsaw ( paid by the company ). Job Purpose: The role will take responsibility for building and maintaining a Polish copy, and the successful candidate will have a proven track record of creating, delivering, and managing B2B and B2C copy across online platforms, preferably within online banking/digital payments business. Key Responsibilities: Create accurate, accessible, concise copy for consumer journey screens, with a focus on local language requirements and customs in the local online payments market o Ensure consistency of terms, use of language and tone of voice across the platform o Work with the Marketing team to develop the tone of voice and style of copy o Take accountability for quality of Polish copy, ensuring it is delivered to a high standard in a timely manner o Create copy for both B2C and B2B channels o Create clear, accurate documentation of copy for stakeholder reference and approval Essential Skills: o High-level copywriting skills o High-level translation/transcreation skills o Excellent eye for detail and strong proofreading skills o Critical eye for strong, user-focused copy o Understanding of Polish payment terminology o Understanding of digital technology o Ability to communicate complex messages into simple, readily understood copy If this role sounds of interest then send your CV to Jonny.

Of course, there are also some unrealistic employers, who are searching for unicorns. They usually know only one language and don’t realize how challenging it was to learn the second language ( communicating – speaking, reading, writing ).

They offer very small salaries for a very highly skilled professional, BUT highly skilled bilingual professionals won’t be interested in these kinds of jobs.

What is the difference between Translation, Localization, Transcreation, and Copywriting?

This part of the text is based on available sources as quite many people from industry look at these methods differently (see finding golden mean):

The translation is focused on consistency. Text in targeted language very closely follows source text. The downside (method): direct translation, literal translation, meaning word-for-word translation may be full of errors (translating each word separately without paying attention to how words are used together in the sentence). This kind of method, especially when machine translation is used causes a lot of problems – it leads to mistranslating of phrases, idioms, and even words.  There are few kinds of translations: Technical Translation, Scientific Translation, Business, and Financial Translation, Legal Translation, Judicial and Juridical Translation, Certified Translation, Literal Translation

Localization is focused on cultural adaptation and translation and it also covers non-textual components of products or services. The process involves adapting a service or product’s translation to a specific country or even region. This method is more advanced than translation because it involves a comprehensive analysis of the target culture  – taking into account company, product, or service – in order to correctly adapt them to local needs. It usually covers language-cultural versions of international website software, video games, applications, etc. Localization uses terminology and syntax adapted to a specific culture. Quite closely follows the source text. 

Transcreation, trans-creation can be creative or semi-creative. Texts are written to meet business objectives for a specific market (industry) or artistic objectives for a specific auditorium (nation and country). In some cases, it can be more tricky and difficult for creative consultant – native speaker to come up with a “new” version in the targeted language (his or her mother-tongue)… than create or write it from scratch (see copywriting, content writing, creative writing)

In all cases, you can use a professional specialist, who happens to be Transcreator, Localization Specialist, Translator, Bilingual Copywriter and Polish Creative Writer (!): English Polish Copywriter, Transcreator, Editor, Marketing Translator

Copywriting is highly creative.  It can generate new creative ideas and concepts, promote brands and companies, and indirectly or directly “sell” (soft sell or hard sell) for a specific audience.

Content writing and copywriting prices in Poland. Writing, translation, transcreation localization -! professional services! (Polish language ).

What is included in content writing or copywriting prices in Poland ( professional services )? As always and everywhere – national insurance, income tax, cost of running the business, and cost of living.
Currently, a freelancer in Poland – copywriter, transcreator, or a translator or content writer or localization specialist needs to pay 314 euros per month for his mandatory national insurance + income TAX + the costs of running the business.
INTERESTING OBSERVATION (Cost of living): In Central and Eastern Europe food cost the same money as in Western Countries (some food products are even more expensive in Poland than in the West – same applies to clothes, although quite many foreign supermarket chains still don’t pay taxes – tax exemption). Electronic appliances, cars, etc. manufactured in Poland cost more in Poland than in Western Countries (!). Fuel – petrol (gasoline), natural gas, electricity bills are the highest in all Europe.
There’s no need to discuss amateurs (schoolboys, schoolgirls, or students), who try to become copywriters, trans-creators or translators as they cannot be called by these names because they don’t know how to create copy or content or transcreate/translate it.
Anyone can write. Even you. Only a few can write or transcreate professionally (and create great copy, great content) so their client can turn it into gold, cash, or passive income. There is also a difference between a professional Translator and… a translator (it’s just another subject).
ATTENTION: There’s a huge price to pay for ordering amateur or cheap services from wanna-be instead of reputable writers/creators.
Threats: PLAGIARISM ( concepts / online or offline copy or content copyright infringement = financial fines, ranking penalties in search engines like Google when you use cheap, non-organic, not original content ) and… your Competition Loud laughter.
USEFUL LINKS (See also the difference between copywriting and content writing below):

Freelancers: Bilingual Polish Copywriters, Transcreators, Localization Specialists, Translators – RATES and FEES. Professional and Sophisticated Services.

IMPORTANT: Only around half the amount of time freelance copywriters spend in their businesses is billable. The same applies to other freelance specialists. You also need to take into account all costs ( money to spend ) which enable Creative to run his/her business.

The rest of the time is spent on sales and marketing, administration, and other activities needed to run a business.

Professional BILINGUAL Polish copywriters (freelancers), who work for agencies OFF-SITE are paid between 500 EUROS – 900 EUROS per day (8 hours of work). They are paid for thinking in two languages, liaising with clients in their second language (English or German or French, etc.) and for creating a copy or content in their native language – Polish language or for transcreating it from the source text (Polish version of copy or content written in a foreign language). It is always a double work – they need to think, analyze, talk, and actually write in 2 languages. It involves creation, transcreation, localization, and communication.

All this work consumes precious time and energy and it actually (apart from creative work) involves many activities: communication with the client or agency’s representative (reading or writing emails or phone conversations), researching, analyzing the brief and sometimes the source text, re-reading and correcting, polishing creative work + administrative work such as creating invoice or bill etc.

ATTENTION: Only a few Polish bilingual copywriters on the market can create a copy or content in 2 languages ( their native language and second language ) and they are paid even more for this sophisticated service than “average” Polish bilingual copywriters mentioned above and market rates for this kind of professional services – copywriting / transcreation.

Bilingual Polish Copywriters are paid a MINIMUM of 62 EUROS per hour for BTL (minimum booking 8 h), up to 112.50 euros per hour for ATL (minimum booking 8 h), MINIMUM 112.5 EUROS per hour for 360-degree marketing (minimum booking 8 h). They are also sometimes paid additionally for a full buyout (FEE). If they work ON-SITE this means that their expenses – accommodation and travel are refunded

REMEMBER: Copywriters/Transcreators, Copywriters/Translators, or Transcreators are paid for thinking in 2 languages, 2 cultures = DOUBLE WORK.

When freelance bilingual Polish copywriters work for direct clients (BIG companies) they get paid much more. 

These rates paid by Clients may be perceived actually as “quite low”, “relatively cheap” when you compare them with copywriters’ rates from other countries – writers, who know only 1 language. For example, PROFESSIONAL, experienced, and talented freelance American copywriters charge from around 2000 DOLLARS per day up to a few thousand dollars per day (8 hours of work).

The most talented American freelance direct response copywriters can make a fortune. “Copywriting giant’s”‘ copy can generate millions of customers for a single product within a few years. These top copywriters’ creative work can increase (according to available marketing data and sales records) the client’s sales revenue by 1,000% in a single month or increase other clients’ monthly sales revenue by 4,400% in a single year.

This is the reason why TOP freelance American copywriters can earn even a few million dollars per year.

PROFESSIONAL freelance English writers’ rates, who know only 1 language ( Senior copywriters ), start from 800 GBP up to 2000 GBP +… per day (8 hours of work). 

Polish BILINGUAL Copywriters work mainly on copywriting, content writing, transcreation & localization ( textual / non-textual elements ) projects for big brands or medium-sized companies – transcreated messages need to evoke the same emotions and carries the same implications in the target language (Polish) as it does in the source language (usually English).

Transcreation (trans-creation)  = trans creators / trans-creators are paid pretty much the same rate as bilingual copywriters. Localization specialists a bit less.

Translators are paid less than copywriters, localization specialists, or trans creators – from 30 EUROS per hour up to 52 EUROS per hour (interpreters 26 EUROS – 80 EUROS). Governmental “gigs” are usually paid less, commercial jobs are paid more.

Freelance Language Consultants are paid more than translators. Freelance Linguistic Consultants are paid similar or sometimes even much more than bilingual copywriters. 

Freelance RUSH JOBS = urgent jobs (EXTRA CHARGES). Express delivery, working on weekends. Deadline within 48 hours or 24 hours.

Profesional industry standards vary around the world. Additional rewarding for urgent, “rush jobs” is in good taste (see professional freelancers’ expectations and customs in the industry): express delivery of the small project (translation or content writing) usually costs + 100% of the original price/rate. Deadline within 48 hours or 24 hours for delivering small project (translation, content writing) hours means one would need to pay additionally 50% or 75% more.

When it comes to PROFESSIONAL transcreation, copywriting or localization usually it is just impossible to deliver top quality work within 48 hours.

FREELANCE JOBS – Translation (price per word or an hourly rate), Copywriting (daily rate or project fee based on brief), Transcreation (hourly pricing), Localization – Polish language (hourly pricing or per project).

Translation agencies aren’t advertising agencies or transcreation companies. Translators aren’t copywriters or transcreators / trans-creators (!). That’s why almost always look at things and Clients’ needs ONLY from a “translation perspective”.
Copywriting, SEO, content writing, transcreation (trans-creation), and translation are very different activities, however…
if you want top-quality SEO friendly professional organic and original content in Native Polish version ( written from the scratch or based on the master text, source text in foreign language) or…
if you want a copy (Polish version) on the website, which would attract somebody’s attention (clients/consumers) and turn into conversation and conversion, then you need someone who can do these tasks at the same time. This way everything is well structured, more clear, condense, and has the same consistent tone of voice.
A translator who isn’t a content writer isn’t able to produce SEO optimized content – content that needs to have proper “form” and at the same time has to inform, educate or even entertain. Transcreator (trans creator), who isn’t a copywriter with SEO knowledge won’t be able to deliver SEO friendly copy on the website, which will influence human behavior on the website (see combining copywriting and content writing techniques).
Everyone ( Agency or Client ) has a free will and can choose what prefers: a low quality work or top quality “artwork” =  art of work or… will even try to do it by himself or herself in-house if someone who works there knows the Polish language – well, good luck with that ;). ) Yes, everyone can write in his/her native language, but only a few can do it really professionally.
Professional copywriters, content writers, trans creators, translators dedicated all their life to education and hard work in the industry and know exactly how precious, valuable, and expensive are these investments in services about which we are talking about. Agency and freelancers need to pay the costs of running their business and also make a living. They aren’t charities. They both do run business.

Some agencies or direct clientssmall and medium-sized businesses prefer to pay per project. Freelance bilingual Polish copywriters quote a flat fee to cover all the elements of the transcreation or copywriting job. They take into account all the factors that might affect the price, such as complexity, research, creativity, SEO, alternative versions, unsociable working hours, etc.

Transcreation ( if we simplify it we can say that it is a “mix of copywriting and translation” ), TRANS-creation, localization/ localisation / localization or bilingual copywriting is much, much more expensive because it is so different from translation ( it is much more complicated and challenging ) that requires per hour billing only and without any urgent assignments (!). Transcreation or trans-creation… this should always be “hand-made”. Why?

Quality and top quality can be achieved thanks to talent and experience. Quite a lot of time needs to be dedicated to the transcreation project. Can you rush the artist to make THE painting in a few hours and expect to pay only for materials he/she used without paying for results – masterpiece/artwork worth later on the market a lot of money?

And what about Translation?

English to Polish Translation – prices

For a few years now many Clients worldwide don’t get quality work ( translation, content writing, and sometimes even “transcreation” and “copywriting”!!!). The foreign language version of copy or content (online or offline) is mechanical, boring, and isn’t effective.  Why? Because some agencies (“translation mills” or “content mills”) are obsessed with cutting costs and having higher-margin profit (some of them sometimes they cut their own margin-profit as well!).

This kind of agency book or hire cheap newbie, unprofessional translators, or very low paid unskilled writers (amateurs).

It’s absolutely ridiculous situation: 1) some unprofessional agencies either compete with each other to that extent that many of them make loses and face bankruptcy or they simply don’t pay enough for services and their contractors/ freelancers struggle to survive = which results in very poor quality and high quantity for cheap price  2) Some Clients have unrealistic expectations (can you get quality work when you focus only on quantity?)  3) some translators or content writers, who cooperate with this kind of agencies are underpaid and struggle to survive.

Who does the all work? Freelance Translators do most of the work and in many cases ALL THE WORK are underpaid… and for this reason, translators don’t pay attention to quality anymore as they used to do. They just simply don’t have enough time and energy as they are overworked – they are forced to do everything much quicker than before.

Can you really do five or six times the amount of work, which you normally did in the past with one brain and the same number of hands?

WARNING: Using translation (which is cheaper) instead of bilingual copywriting / transcreation (trans-creation) – which is a more expensive investment – in advertising, branding, marketing, art, or entertainment, never brings expected results, because translation isn’t sufficient. Different, more advanced methods should be used when you want to describe, promote, or sell an idea, brand, products, services.

Lately, there is also another positive trend: translators refuse to work for agencies, whose representatives ask them to reduce their rates and prices (not mentioning that some of them expect translators to work in 2020 for the same rate as in 2005… and what about inflation, living cost rising faster than before???). That’s why the most talented and experienced translators don’t co-operate with global translation agencies or even decide to leave the industry. For example in 2005 freelance translator was paid for subtitling (DVD – feature film) around 20 EUROS per minute. What is the price in 2020 at global translation mills?

ATTENTION: WHY YOU SHOULD HIRE or BOOK a Bilingual Polish Copywriter

Some average Polish copywriters – who aren’t bilingual – or beginners and amateurs charge less, BUT they haven’t knowledge about foreign language, culture, and they don’t have experience in translation, localization, or transcreation.

As the old saying goes: In the long run, bad copywriters cost you money, good copywriters are free. Good copywriting maybe is an expensive investment, but not half as expensive as a bad copy or content.

That is why only professional, experienced bilingual copywriters can really guarantee you results and return from your investment. Especially someone, who lived outside Poland and this way gained international experience.

REMEMBER:  Always use copywriters, who are bilingual and lived abroad, because they are aware of the linguistic and cultural nuances of both their source and target languages. A good bilingual copywriter can trans-create from his second language into his first language, not the other way around (!).

CAUTION:  WHY YOU SHOULD forget about translators and HIRE a Bilingual Copywriter

If you want to promote or sell something on a foreign market, you should forget about translators and hire a bilingual copywriter. Why? Translators only translate something from one language into another language. Besides many of them use machine translation ( TRADOS etc. ) = they are fast and that’s why they aren’t able to deliver high quality of work. And that’s why they charge for quantity because it is low quality work. You cannot use this method in marketing, advertising, branding, entertainment, or art.

Translators are good at translating documents ( diplomas, agreements, etc.), but they have huge problems with being a copywriter or sometimes even transcreator.  Can you translate emotions, ideas, thoughts, new words, marketing messages, etc.?

( If you are Client, Translation Agency, or Translator, you should read this article (link)  – The Truth about the Translation Industry  – it will make you laugh, it will make you cry…).

Besides… translators aren’t copywriters. They have no knowledge and experience in this department. Translation doesn’t require creativity, thinking out of the box. Copywriters devote their life to learn how to use strategy, persuasion, sales technics, copywriting, etc. Transcreators and Copywriters, who are also trans creators worked really hard to champion transcreation very valuable, sophisticated and unique service

Professional bilingual copywriters use TRANSCREATION  to reach hearts and minds and to persuade. And only these copywriters can TRANSCREATE a message from one language into another with much focus on intent, style, tone, and context. Transcreation is a very sophisticated method, which requires an understanding of the two cultures and languages involved. This complex process includes human translation, research, adaptation, rewriting.  It is commonly used in marketing, entertainment, advertising, or art by professional bilingual writers.

BTW these average copywriters, who have been mentioned before, in fact, they offer… ONLY translation. Also, some translators claim to use transcreation…  It’s very unlikely.

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Additional Important Information from Insider:

Translation companies, Advertising agencies & Transcreation companies. Information about labor billing rates.

The LARGEST advertising agencies USUALLY charge their clients for a BILINGUAL Polish copywriter between 4000 euros and 10 000 euros per day (8h day). We need to remember that agencies have more costs than a freelancer. Agencies also charge for the cost of the account person to handle the business side,  media planners, creative directors, designers or art directors, etc. Their rates vary depending on what kind of work the particular bilingual copywriter did for the client.  Agencies charge their clients a fee for creative work and also make a 15% commission on media.

Translation agencies charge their clients for translators ( they don’t hire bilingual copywriters !!! ).

Transcreation companies sometimes hire copywriters (for transcreation jobs), BUT quite many of them use translators – this way they save money and make more profit.

REMEMBER: Only Professional bilingual copywriters use TRANSCREATION  to reach hearts and minds and to persuade. And only these copywriters can TRANSCREATE a message from one language into another with much focus on intent, style, tone, and context.

Only professional, experienced bilingual copywriters can really guarantee you results and return from your investment. Especially someone, who lived outside Poland and this way gained international experience.

Transcreation is a very sophisticated method, which requires an understanding of the two cultures and languages involved. This complex process includes human translation, research, adaptation, rewriting.  It is commonly used in marketing, entertainment, advertising or art by professional bilingual writers.

Always use copywriters, who are bilingual and lived abroad, because they are aware of the linguistic and cultural nuances of both their source and target languages. A good bilingual copywriter can trans-create from his second language into his first language, not the other way around (!).

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