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    B2b, b2c, and a2c professional services: creative direction, adaptation, content marketing, copywriting, content writing. Technical,  and business writing. PR. Brand Journalism, Cross-cultural communication. 

    Big Idea? Brief? Brand Name? Tagline? Slogan? Campaign? Online? Offline? Copy? Content?  Ad Concept? Television, press advert? Radio commercial? Whitepaper? Article?  Organic SEO & SEM.?


  • Multilingual & Multicultural Marketing Freelancer, who learned a few languages and knows many  cultures. Offer: transcreation, localization, translation, editing, linguistic evaluation. 

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Targeting the Poli​s​​​h Market

So, you’re thinking of targeting the Polish Market (b2b, b2c, a2c)?

Polish market is BIG: over 60 000 000 000 Polish Speaking people worldwide. Polish consumers and Polish Companies in Poland and outside Poland – in other countries.

World Business Report: Optimistic economy forecasts for Poland

In recent years Poland has seen strong economic growth as a result of the business investment, growing exports and household consumption. Poland has shown remarkably high growth rates despite the economic crisis in the rest of Europe. Increasing capital investment, domestic demand, and infrastructure spending is expected to add to the positive trends in the coming years.

40 million reasons to do business in Poland

Poland is importing more value of goods than countries like Saudi Arabia, Portugal, and Sweden. Consumers confidence in Poland increases. Wealthy Poles spend 18% of their income on luxury goods. Aspirational Poles spend around 14% on luxury good. The amount of money spent by companies in Poland on their development will triple by 2020. (source: KMPG report).

Poland is a huge market. The present population of Poles living in Poland is estimated at around 40, 000, 000. Economic success makes this country an attractive destination for immigrants. Pensions have been raised and income taxes cut to stimulate consumer spending. Poland has the largest Number of Companies in Central and Eastern Europe (there are over 2 millions ACTIVE businesses and this number is growing)

Why you should hire me?

I was born and raised in Poland. I live there and travel between Polish cities. That’s why I know a lot about trends in Poland and what type of products or services are in high demand.  And I know how to persuade Poles – consumers and businesses. I can help you create an effective, successful campaign.

PolishCopywriter.com – Bilingual Copywriter, Translator, Editor, Transcreator, Localization Specialist –  Hire me

Targeting the Polish Market with PolishCopywriter.com

Thinking about exploring a new market, expanding your business or investing in Poland? I can successfully help you to implement advanced b2b, b2c or a2c attraction strategies. Perhaps you need a linguistic evaluation of your brand or maybe a “brand new” name or image?

Launching a new product or service?

Do you need complete marketing collateral or maybe just a website localization?

Maybe you need to transcreate your slogan,  text…

or even maybe you want me to write something from a scratch?

Whatever you need, whatever the size of your business and wherever you’re based… I can do all the work for you and make it all happen relatively quickly, professionally and profitably. Use my services if you want to enter this promising market and achieve your goals.

Polish Copywriter – PolishCopywriter.com 


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