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Transcreation. Creative Adaptation.Trans-creation vs. Marketing Translation


What is “Transcreation”, “Trans-creation”?

The term transcreation or trans-creation is used for creative translations, international adaptation – far from being ordinary “translation” of messages, especially marketing and promotional materials ( branding, advertising, art, entertainment ) Mainly it covers recreating advertising materials from one language and culture to another and demands high creativity, many talents and experience in the industry and very advanced marketing knowledge.

It is worth to point out that there are quite many interpretations of the term “transcreation”, which create additional confusion not only among clients but also among professionals.

Translations are like women: when they’re beautiful, they’re not faithful, and when they’re faithful, they’re not beautiful (Carl Bertrand)

Why Transcreation is more effective than translation or marketing translation?

The translation is like an undereducated, poor distant relative of that Rich, Interesting, Wise, Recognizable, Influential, Kind Uncle The Great – about we all know and who we remember very well. 

Transcreation works on every level and is extremely effective whereas translation cannot keep up.  

 Marketing translation ( localization + translation ) is something in the middle = adapting text from sourced language to another. It is also more advanced and more expensive than ordinary translation ( which is cheaper and much simpler ).

Although they both require advertising and marketing knowledge, transcreation is much more expensive, because it is a much more complex process and much more effective.

Transcreation. Creative adaptation.International copy adaptation. Cross-market copywriting. 

Transcreation is sometimes called creative translation,  international copy adaptation, cross-market copywriting ( transcreation / bilingual copywriting ). It includes language localization and cultural adaptation and even covers all areas of communication ( even images, colours, words, sounds, symbols). All elements: brand name, logo, tagline, slogans, copy etc. It allows you to make sure that everything is culturally suitable for your audience.

This is the reason why every project, every campaign needs to be evaluated by bilingual copywriter / transcreator ( for example brand name screening ). It happens sometimes that the whole project or campaign needs to be created or designed again from scratch.  In turn, this effort helps promotes and sells more ( brand, ideas, products, services ).

Sourced language and targeted language

TRANSCREATION involves 2 languages and 2 cultures ( the source language and the target language). It is a process of adapting and recreating a message from one language to another while maintaining its intent, style, tone, and context and enriching it with new local flair. I

Sophisticated Human translation or rather an interpretation ( co-creation )?

It involves sophisticated human translation or rather interpretation of the source text and adaptation in the target language while paying extreme attention to details and many nuances. It takes much more time off work.

Professional TRANSCREATION is very effective and necessary, especially in MARKETING, ENTERTAINMENT, and ART.

Professional Transcreation = 100% human creative translation + adaptation to suit the language and culture of the target audience.

I transcreate brand names, taglines, slogans, advertorials, and even some parts of books and movies.

I specialize in tourism, travel, information, information technology ( hardware and software ), financial services, entertainment  (music, film, theatre ), education, mass media ( broadcasting, internet,  publishing, news media ).

I have an interest in the automotive industry, textile industry, electronic industry,  energy industry, construction industry, telecommunications industry, transport industry, steel industry, shipbuilding industry, aerospace industry.

I worked on transcreation projects for different companies and organizations form different industries. I transcreated brand names, taglines, slogans, advertorials, and even some parts of books and movies ( other parts have been translated ).

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